Slim Fast Diet Program - Pros and Cons

When the Slim Fast Diet Program started out, it was based on what seemed to be a good idea. All you needed to have a meal, was one of their shakes or meal bars. Quick and easy. Plus, using the attractive theme of a "milkshake", the diet caught on quickly - initially. more about Slim Fast Reviews...

The modern version of the Slim Fast diet program is comprised of only a few principles. You simply replace some of your meals with a Slim Fast product. Then, the amount of normal food you can use for this, is severely limited. Which means including one, severely calorie-limited "real" meal with your daily consumption. And finally, you can have a the rare snack, as they attempt to combat the widespread hunger pangs associated with the slim fast diet program.

Upon further investigation, it has been shown that this system is actually a "starvation" diet with insufficient calories. Also, it has been found that the shakes have unhealthy aspects to them.

But can the Slim Fast diet program work for you? On one hand, it certainly is easy to follow. A shake (or meal bar) is all you get to eat, for 1-2 daily meals. So you basically wind up carrying most of your meals with you, which is very convenient.

Unfortunately, a lot of bad issues appear with this diet program.

Most people report "starving" often, when using the Slim Fast diet program. Plus, many report that they tire quickly of the "synthetic" flavor of the shakes and bars. After all, you are not eating "real food", since the shakes are essentially sugar-milk, plus other artificial ingredients. So you frequency get cravings for real food, which increase in intensity the longer you are on the diet. In addition, some say they felt humiliated in public, having to drink their meal in front of others who were eating "real food".

Finally, the Slim Fast diet program, while it does work in the short run, fails in the long run. See More Information on Slim Fast Reviews