Slim Fast Diet Information - What You Need To Know

Honest Slim Fast Diet Information can be hard to come by. Once the many problems with the Slim Fast diet became known, the company scrambled to product new lines of their "artificial" foods, to compensate. more about Slim Fast Diet Plan...

To "patch things up", the company tried releasing new types of shakes. This includes their Slim Fast Low Carb and Slim Fast High Protein shakes.

There are of course, some common elements that still exist even in the newer shake versions. The good news is that they retained the high levels of Vitamin D and Calcium. An additional positive for these 2 versions, is that they both contain some fiber.

As expected, there is much more protein in the Slim Fast high protein shake. Unfortunately, this meant that added calories were unavoidable. The inevitable "bad side effect" is that you will be consuming more calories, which will slow your weight loss.

Not surprisingly, the Slim Fast low carb version has significantly lower carbs than the original version. Unfortunately, the amount of calorie is barely lessened. The problem is that these shakes must contain milk, which is a high carb food. Thus, it is impossible to make these shakes truly low carb, so the Slim Fast low carb version is really only "lower" carb.

Additional Slim Fast diet information, reveals other problems as well. Constant hunger, poor taste and constant cravings for "real food".

But one of the worst problems is the high expense. Current estimates put the additional cost to your food budget, at up to one hundred dollars per month - money that you should instead, be spending on healthy food.

So in conclusion, you spend a lot of money purchasing temporary fat loss - only to find that it all comes back after you're done! Read More on Slim Fast Reviews