Does Slim Fast Really Work - An Honest Assessment

When Slim Fast started out, the question of Does Slim Fast Really Work, was answered by its obvious convenience. Just grab a quick shake (or meal bar) and you've got your meal. Certainly very convenient. Plus, using the attractive theme of a "milkshake", the diet caught on quickly - initially. more about Does Slim Fast Work...

Unfortunately, expert analysis proved this diet method to be much too low in calories to be healthy. In addition, the shakes themselves had questionable nutritional value.

But does Slim Fast really work? On one hand, it certainly is easy to follow. It is a very flexible diet, in which you get to choose which meals you substitute their diet shakes or meal bars. And for the busy person, it is very easy to take the shakes or bars with you to use for your meals during the day.

On the other hand, there are many problems reported by people trying this diet, when they are asked does Slim Fast really work?

Many people report constantly feeling hungry on the diet. Plus, many report that they tire quickly of the "synthetic" flavor of the shakes and bars.

Worst of all is the high price of purchasing all these artificial foods. As you think about the question does Slim Fast really work, you must also consider how costly it is. The shakes are priced at over a dollar per can. When you consider that you need two of these every day, you find you're spending 15-20 dollars a week. If you also use the meal bars, that becomes more like $25 per week. The result? One hundred dollars a month - that you should instead be spending on healthy food.

In addition, you have to consider does Slim Fast really work in the long run, when most people report that it was nearly impossible to stay on the diet, long-term. And when those who used the diet, stopped, they gained all the lost weight back, very quickly. Continue with more about Does Slim Fast Work