Slim Fast Part 2

Slim Fast - Other Issues

Some other things we "discovered" while on Slim Fast:

(Note: This is the second part of a 2-part article. You should read Part 1 first, which you can see here: Shake Diet)

* You'll often see Slim Fast products referred to as "Overpriced Sugar-Milk", because the top 3 ingredients listed on the can are: milk, sugar, fructose. This is why Health Experts attack the shakes and bars as "over-processed and overflowing with artificial ingredients". They say you would be better off drinking low-fat milk. (And that would be much cheaper!)

* You are frequently hungry while on the diet. Actually, "hungry" doesn't say it right. "Starving" is more like it! Health Experts say this is because the calories you're allowed per day is set much too low. Plus, all that sugar in their shakes and bars, mean that your blood sugar levels shoot up and then crash. This makes your feelings of starvation, even worse!

* On top of that, there's the frequently-reported "chalky" taste. I've even read reviews where the dieter says they "gagged" on the terrible aftertaste. I can recall feeling depressed and deprived, restricted to Slim Fast while eating with a group of people... watching as they enjoyed while I suffered!

Then there is the Final Problem - the one that makes all your suffering on the Slim Fast diet, not worth it after all:

* Because the diet is based on replacing healthy meals with artificial pre-made substitutes, it encourages you to maintain bad eating habits. Even though it may work in the near-term, once you reach your bodyfat goal and return to "normal" eating, the fat comes back rapidly. Many who used this diet plan said that after it was all over, they had MORE bodyfat than they did to begin with!

The Secret Way To Get Slim Fast - Without The High Cost

So does Slim Fast work? Yes, it seems so - if you have no time for a healthy diet - BUT...

If you don't need to have most of your meals in a can or bar, then you can SAVE lots of money and at the same time, lose weight in a much HEALTHIER fashion.

The key is to retain what works in Slim Fast, yet remove the high expense and unhealthy aspects they force on you.

You want to avoid the unhealthy, high-cost, pre-made Slim Fast rations.

You want to avoid the feelings of starvation, from being forced to eat too little.

You want to avoid "gagging" on the chalky taste of the food you are allowed to eat.

You want to avoid the rebounding weight gain, that happens after you complete the Slim Fast plan.

Listed below are the key features you want in an eating plan, that will reward you with successful fat burning:

* A nutritional program that is healthy and safe.
* One that allows you to eat real food - not artificial shakes, bars, or worst of all, pills.
* One that provides you with easy-to-follow meal plans.
* Most importantly, a program you can get online and start right now!

Yes, there is a way for you to gain all the above advantages... and at much less cost than the overpriced Slim Fast.

And it can help you drop 10, 25, or even 50-100 pounds! And do it faster than Slim Fast because you don't have to starve... continue reading...