Slim Fast Nutrition - The Facts

Warning: If you're thinking about starting the Slim Fast diet plan, then reading the article below will be one of the most important things you do in your successful fight to lose fat! While it is very simple to find nutrition-panel information on the ingredients in Slim Fast products, it is much more difficult to get the story behind the ingredients. This page will give you the details on Slim Fast nutrition and the Slim Fast nutrition facts, as reported by accredited health professionals. Additional reading on SF products can be found at Slim Fast Powder.

There are 4 major ingredients in Slim Fast: sugar, fructose, flavoring(depending on which flavor you choose), and skim milk. You find these four used throughout the SF product line. The problem is that the first 3 are essentially sugar. This means that you are substituting a nutrition-less pile of sugar, for one or more healthy meals per day.

To attempt to compensate for this serious problem with Slim Fast nutrition, the company released "high protein" and "low carb" versions of their concoction. However, the truth is that you could get more protein from a glass of milk, than even the "high protein" version of Slim Fast.

And the "low carb" version in truth, barely reduces the carb content. This is because milk contains a lot of carbs and since Slim Fast must use milk, you are forced to ingest lots of carbs no matter which SF product you choose.

Medical professionals however, concentrate on even more serious dietary failings in Slim Fast nutrition facts. Controlled scientific laboratory-based studies, confirm multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies in Slim Fast. The more serious of these include deficiencies in Vitamin E, calcium and iron.

Worst of all, are the numerous reports of serious side effects. Past users of Slim Fast report headaches, feeling like throwing up, stomach pain and oddly enough, attacks of both diarrhea and constipation.

Examination of Slim Fast nutrition and the Slim Fast nutrition facts, exposes multiple serious problems with SF products. For this reason, many health professionals are on record as recommending that Slim Fast should NOT be used by anyone. For therapeutic advice on healthier choices that help you lose weight fast, enjoy reading Slim Fast Diet...