Slim Fast Powder and Bars

If you are thinking about using Slim Fast products to achieve your fat loss goals, then the research presented in the article below could be the most valuable advice you receive this year! You need to hear the opinions of people who have tried these products, before you think about using them. I will present here for you, critical information about both Slim Fast powder and Slim Fast bars. Note that this other page will give you more information about SF's Shake Diet.

First off, let's be clear that these are NOT diet plan products. They are merely temporary meal "substitutes", intended to relieve your hunger (a bit), between the real meals you still are required to eat every day.

As for their nutritional composition, their main ingredients are sugar, fructose, flavoring (for example, cocoa in the chocolate versions) and skim milk. In other words: sugar, sugar, sugar - and milk. This is true for both the Slim Fast powder and the Slim Fast bars. Not exactly a "healthy" meal substitute, nor is it a "recommended blend" for dieters.

Even the high protein versions, contain less protein and more carbs than you would get by simply drinking milk. Which means you could save money and consume less sugar, by following a "milk plan" rather than the Slim Fast plan.

However, the most widespread complaint about Slim Fast from those who have tried it, is the taste. Reviews of the pre-made shakes, the powder and the bars - range from "funny aftertaste", through "disgusting", all the way to "god-awful"! This is not the most serious complaint, though.

There are frequent reports of terrible side effects, by those who substitute Slim Fast products for their normal daily meals. Reported side effect include:

-feeling like "throwing up"


-Stomach pain

-feeling tired and "exhausted" all day


-Intense hunger


-Bloating and constant gas

It has even been suggested that substituting a Snickers bar for your meal, rather than a Slim Fast product, will result in the same rate of weight loss - but without the side effects!

As you can see from customer reviews, there are many concerns associated with using Slim Fast powder and Slim Fast bars as your makeshift "diet plan". Even some doctors recommend staying away from these products. Fortunately, there are many good alternatives that will produce fast weight loss, in a healthy manner and with no side effects. You can Read More on these healthy (and cheaper) alternatives here: Slim Fast Diet Plan